How many times have you visited a website and got engaged in a live chat session? We all at some point or the other have done a live chat on a website. We ask questions and get our replies. However, what we are not aware of is whether the other person we are talking to is a human being or a chat bot.

Chat Bots are computer programs which are designed to conduct conversation like a human being will. They either use textual ways or audio ways to indulge into a conversation with you. One of the chat bots which we would have used a lot in the past is “Siri”.

Siri is an intelligent software agent designed to have a conversational interaction with you as it helps you get solutions to your needs. It is designed keeping in mind the three main necessary elements a Chat Bot should have, they are: its conversational interface, personal context awareness and service delegation.

Siri was originally created by Dag Kittlaus, a 34-year-old man from Norway. He created the product and sold it to Apple. This beautifully created product has made him a multimillionaire.

What is the technology used behind Chat Bots?

Chat Bots are created using Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the capacity of a computer to perform operations equaling to learning and decision making in humans. These decisions are performed via various computer programs designed by skilled professionals that make your computers and programs intelligent enough to take decisions as humans.

What can Chat Bots do for you?

Chat Bots can do anything for you. If you are using it as a business, they can drive sales, initiate conversations, reduce the cost of having so many persons on your website, collect data etc.

If you are using them as an individual, they can help you find information on internet, do weather forecast for you, show you way to your favorite destination, conduct banking transactions etc. They will act like your personal virtual assistants who will not only fix up meetings for you but will also start understanding your emotions to predict and do things for you.

They are already in use to much extensive levels and their demand will only increase in future. Businesses specially messengers who are not using chat bots to give an additional support to their customers are tend to fail. This transition will be important to survive.

What are the various career options as Chat Bot developers?

If you are a developer, then shifting your career to AI and Chat Bot development is only going to take you up the ladder. Today, almost all major IT companies are getting indulge in creating Chat Bots. Not even the companies, even if you create your own product which is a smart chat bot, nobody can stop you from being getting recognized. Apple did not create Siri in house, they purchased it from Dag Kittlaus who just at the age of 34 created this amazing chat bot. Today he is a multimillionaire.

“It’s technology that’s inevitable,” Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and all such major IT companies are developing or using chat bots. So the career options in becoming a chat bot developer are great.

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