Since the advent of Digital Marketing, marketers seemed to position it as the ideal marketing strategy, the superior version of marketing that could do more than its predecesor (traditional marketing).

It was much more faster and cheaper to reach your target audience than ever before and if you were a marketing professional who did not speak the technology infused language of these new tribe of digital marketers, you could be ridiculed and considered outdated. You had to be a Digital first, Mobile first, Social First and what not to be a member of this exclusive evolved group of brands.

Thankfully the dust has partially settled. Most of the mature marketers have realized that Digital Marketing is just a buzz word. At the core of every successful campaign lies Marketing. Digital is not the first thing that gets their attention. The tables have turned and this time for good.

So what does this mean, is Digital Marketing not important anymore? Is there any other form of marketing that has built more traction?

Well, not really. Marketing professionals around the world have shifted attention to what they did best “communicate” and Digital is now their default medium. The evolution of Digital has been very wide scaled and rapid. Digital is not only about technology or marketing, it is infact the way of life for consumers and brands.

Today we see digitally conceived brands such as Amazon, Netflix, Google, Uber etc run a major chunk of their marketing campaigns across traditional mediums such as Television, Radio & Print.

Does this mean that these brands are not doing digital marketing? No, it means that Digital marketing is kind of extinct (in the form we knew it as) and Marketing has finally evolved into a much larger science. We stick to the basics; copy, design, art and embrace the latest trends, technology and ideas.

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