What are Hash Tags?

Hash Tags are the special keywords / keyphrases which you can also term as metadata. These are used on various social media networks to promote your content under special tags. These tags make it easier for people to find you on these networks. You can create your own hash tags or use trending hash tags to promote your content.
Eg: #hashtags, #usehashtags

Why do we use Hash Tags?

Hash Tags make your content/post visible to public. Internet users with similar interests can search through these hash tags and reach your post/content. For example, a person who is interested to learn more about a particular topic ( example Digital Marketing) can do so by searching for #DigitalMarketing and find the content posted by many different users under the same tag. If more and more people use the same hash tag to promote their content, it becomes a trending topic on these social networks.

Why are Hash Tags important?

As I said above, hash tags make your content visible to public. The main aim of every blogger is to reach out to his / her audience and that can only happen if they can find you on these social networks. You need to simply add related hash tags to your content or post and ensure that people reach you. It is similar to how we optimize a web page for search engines by giving them keyphrases which ensures that people find us on search engines when they search for these keyphrases. Similarly, it makes searching easy on social networks if you optimize content with hash tags.

How do Hash Tags work?

You put a content piece or a post on different social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. Tag your content with the related hash tags after your finish writing.


– Hash Tags are important ways to trend any topic. #hashtags
Important thing to notice is that hash tags have no spaces.

What are the best ways to use Hash Tags?

– Ensure that your hash tags are related to the content you post.
– You can also find hash tags that are already trending and are related to your post. This will help you even better.
– Hash tags should be added immediately after # without any spaces.
– You can have more than one hash tag in a piece of content.
– You should try to understand what people are searching related to your piece of content on the social network where you are promoting.

Which platforms / social networks support Hash Tags?

Nowadays mostly all major social networks support hash tags. Some of the very important ones are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Yammer etc.

Why are Hash Tags important on Twitter?

Twitter was the first platform where hash tags became famous. Any content without hash tag on Twitter can go wasted. Ensure that you add hash tags to your piece of content. You can even search the hash tags using the search option on Twitter. On the left side, you will even find the trending hash tags on twitter. This is also a powerful way to increase your followers on Twitter. When people find you to be posting interesting content, they would like to follow you.

How Hash Tags are important on Instagram?

If you add Hash tags to posts that are public on Instagram, it will be shown under the specific hash tags page on the network. However, if your account is private and you have set the post to be private too, your content won’t be shown to public. You need to know the purpose of your post and the reason you are putting hash tags to get desired results.

How Hash Tags are important on Facebook?

Hash tags on Facebook work again with the same principle. If you put hash tags in messages you share amongst your friends, only they will see your posts on the hash tag pages. If you share it with public, anyone can see your posts on the hash tag pages. When people see your hash tags as public posts, there is a chance that they might follow you on Facebook too. So be sure of your purpose to be on Facebook before you share and post things.

Where should we use Hash Tags?

Hash tags should be placed before and after the piece of content you are posting. It should be put on the content that you post on all your major social networks. You only put these tags if you want people to find your content when searched for.

How do people find Hash Tags?

It is quite simple to put content posted with hash tags. You must simply search it from the search window with the keywords you want to search for.

Example- if you want to search something related to teething issues, you will try to search for #teethingissues and you can find various content pieces posted with that hash tag. The other way people find hash tags is when they see the trending hash tags on that social network.

If you are a blogger it is always advisable to follow what people are searching for on that network and then write accordingly.

What Hash Tags should we use?

Hash tags can be regarded as the keywords that you will use to describe your content. You can include more than one hash tag in your content. Just be sure that it is relevant to your content/post. If you are a blogger, it is advisable that you include trending hash tags in your content to get noticed.

Why are Hash Tags annoying?

Hash tags become annoying when the publisher does not understand the proper usage of one. Too many hash tags in a single post, bold hash tags with capital letters, irrelevant hash tags, hash tags in every post, annoying hash tags, hash tags on personal content etc. are some of the things you should avoid.

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