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What is Machine Learning and what you need to know to start a career in Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is an extended form of artificial intelligence (AI) where the computer programs become intelligent enough to modify itself according to the data available. Its their ability to learn which makes them smart. One such example of Machine Learning is our “Google Maps” which helps us navigate the way to our destination. […]

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What are HashTags? HashTags are the special keywords / keyphrases which you can also term as metadata. These are used on various social media networks to promote your content under special tags. These tags make it easier for people to find you on these networks. You can create your own hashtags or use trending hashtags […]

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What is a Chatbot?

How many times have you visited a website and got engaged in a live chat session? We all at some point or the other have done a live chat on a website. We ask questions and get our replies. However, what we are not aware of is whether the other person we are talking to […]

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