Free SEO Tools all marketers must have

No matter who you are, a marketing professional, digital producer, blogger, Search Engine Optimization professional, content writer or an entrepreneur; attracting traffic to your website is a major business priority. It is a widely accepted fact that search engines are the primary source of traffic for most websites and thus search engine optimization or SEO is a critical success driver.

Free SEO Tools

In my previous post, “What is SEO?” we looked at what are Search Engines and what analogy you could use to simplify your understanding.

In this post, we will look at some free SEO tools you could leverage to take your organic SEO efforts to the next level. This list is the result of years of strategic experiments and resulting experience.

I hope you enjoy these tools as much as I have had fun using them.


Free SEO Tools:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console: The original SEO audit tool from Google. It gives you the best diagnosis of what Google thinks of your website.
  2. Google PageSpeed Insights: Brilliant on page audit tool that tells you how well your website is built from a technical perspective. You must run your website / critical pages through this to get a sense of what you are doing well and could improve.
  3. Google Keyword Planner: Isn’t it interesting that the top 3 tools I have listed so far are from the Google stable. The Keyword planner from Google is an excellent way to figure out what your target audience is searching for.
  4. Ever wondered how Google suggests and auto completes your sentences just as soon as you have written a few words. Well that’s the power of Machine learning at its best. is an incredible way to collate those suggestions from Google in the quickest time possible. You got to try it to believe it.
  5. Google Trends: Another Google product that can be very engaging and fruitful. I have seen people use it to predict election / bigg brother results.
  6. Moz: I used SEOMoz for many years and then one day they decided to be called Moz instead of SEOMoz. Sometimes I feel, that’s what took away their SEO appeal. They used to have some interesting free tools earlier and a good Freemium set of features. I don’t see the zing in them anymore, however they have a decent set of paid tools for small / mid-sized agencies. They do have a toolbar you could add to your browser to get some interesting information handy.
  7. Google Analytics: Surprise surprise. What is an analytics tool doing in this list of Free SEO tools? Well you can’t optimize something without measuring it, right? Don’t forget to connect your webmaster tools / search console to your Analytics account and watch how the two together give you insights. Ofcourse to add a cherry on top, connect your adwords account too.
  8. SimilarWeb: Brilliant instant summarized audit report in an instant. Pretty neat, must try.
  9. Copyscape: Search engines love original content. Plagiarism invites the wrath of the Google Panda and you don’t want that headache. So do regularly check you content for originality (especially if the content production is outsourced to an agency).
  10. Xenu Link Sleuth: One of my all time favourite tools. Get an instant download of all the urls on a website along with their meta data. This is a must use tool if you are managing a website that has over 50 pages of content.

Well, that’s all for now, do share your experience in the comments field below. If there are any tools you feel I missed or would like me to review and add to this list, please do drop us a note. Cheers…

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