What is Machine Learning and what you need to know to start a career in Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an extended form of artificial intelligence (AI) where the computer programs become intelligent enough to modify itself according to the data available. Its their ability to learn which makes them smart.

One such example of Machine Learning is our “Google Maps” which helps us navigate the way to our destination. The smart thing about google maps is that it gets a lot of reliable data (Big Data) from various location in your way and accordingly predict keeping in mind the traffic and roads blockages etc. which route you should take and how much time it would take you to reach your destination. One more interesting fact is that the major part data is coming through our own smart phones. Data from phone-based GPS gives information like driver’s location, speed, and itinerary to the Google Maps. Google then calculate the traffic on roads and present routes accordingly.

How does Machine Learning work?

Machine Learning is an evolving subject over the past few years. It is the learning by machines where they recognise patterns and theories without being programmed to perform tasks. The idea is to give computer programs the ability to self-learn and adapt according to the data it has been exposed to. Machine Learning provides the ability to take smart decisions and due to which there are various fields which are gaining momentum. Some of the great advancements of machine learning via data are:

  • Fraud detection (your card usage etc. are analysed by the computer programs to ensure there is no fraud happening)
  • Online recommendations (your search patterns are analysed to predict this and offer you what you require)

What you need to know to learn Machine Learning?

If you are a developer who would like to build your career in Machine Learning, you need to have great skills in:

  • Learn Linear Algebra
  • Learn Probability
  • Learn Calculus
  • Learn Statistics
  • Learn about Information Technology
  • Learn Multivariate Stats
  • Learn Data Modelling and Evaluation
  • Learn Applying Machine Learning Algorithms and Libraries
  • Learn Software Engineering
  • Learn System Designing

What is the future demand of Machine Learning?

The demand of machine learning is increasing with the rise in the job opening related to this topic. Almost every other field require machine learning professionals as the need of machine learning in these sectors are increasing. Some of these fields are Education Sector, Finance Sector, Computer Science, Healthcare, and the list is never ending.

All major companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter etc. are using Machine Learning. This increases the demand of candidates in all these big organisations.

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